Our vision : Efficiency in short term rental

GSB Short Stay specializes in offering well-appointed rooms and apartments for short-term rentals. Our mission is to make every aspect of the rental process—from booking through to cleaning—as streamlined and automated as possible, thereby minimizing stress for our team and maximizing clarity and convenience for our guests. Here, we detail some of the key strategies we’ve implemented to enhance both convenience and security.


**Self-check-in System:** 

We’ve designed our check-in process to be completely autonomous, enhancing guest privacy and convenience. The Albert rooms and studios are fitted with electronic keypads on every door, simplifying access without the need for physical keys. Similarly, our Astrid apartments are equipped with secure key lockers. This setup ensures that guests can check in at their convenience, day or night, without requiring any direct interaction with staff.


**Secure Communication and Payment Process:** 

To ensure safety and simplicity in all guest interactions, we exclusively use the Booking.com platform for communications and transactions. This not only simplifies the booking process but also provides a secure and reliable framework for handling payments. By leveraging the established security protocols of one of the industry’s leaders, we safeguard our guests’ personal and financial information against unauthorized access and fraud.


**Transparent and Consistent Pricing:** 

We have a standard rate for double occupancy in all our accommodations. The discount offered for single occupancy is minimal, reflecting the fact that operational costs, including cleaning, remain constant regardless of the number of guests or the time of year. Our pricing strategy is consistent throughout the year, with exceptions only during specific high-demand periods like the Ascension Day weekend and the TML festival, to accommodate the seasonal surge in visitors.


**Operational Efficiency:** 

In line with our goal to simplify every aspect of our service, we do not offer breakfast. This decision reflects both a desire to streamline operations and an acknowledgment of the diverse dining options available within a short walk, particularly around Mechelen’s IJzerenleen area, known for its culinary variety. Furthermore, our accommodations are outfitted exclusively with twin beds to simplify logistics and inventory management.


**Booking and Availability:** 

Reservations for our rooms and apartments can only be made through Booking.com or Airbnb. This ensures that availability and pricing are always current and visible to potential guests, facilitating easy and immediate booking decisions. By centralizing bookings through these platforms, we enhance security and maintain high standards of reliability and user protection.


Through these measures, GSB aims to provide a hassle-free rental experience that prioritizes comfort, convenience, and safety for our guests while maintaining operational efficiency and clarity.