Parking Albert Indoor

Parking in general

  • Mechelen is not car-friendly.
  • Parking has to be paid daily, including Sundays and holidays.
  • Parking is free from 8pm to 8am.
  • It’s not possible to pay for an entire day at once. Depending on the location, a maximum of 2 or 4 hours can be paid in advance.
  • The parking rate is €8.9 for 4 hours.

Because parking is a revenue model for the city of Mechelen, there are many checks for offences.

We can offer our guests a limited number of parking spaces at €15 per night, about 200 meters from our accommodations. Limited availability and only upon request.

The traffic situation in Mechelen has changed drastically in recent months and the works have not been completed yet. The ring road around Mechelen is now a one-way.

Parking Albert indoor 8 & 17


Google Maps is not up to date for Mechelen.
Please use WAZE.

  • No access possible for an high or large car or van.
  • In parking place 8 there is room for a big jeep or van.
  • In parking place 17 is only room for a regular car.
  • The address is : Oude Brusselsestraat 50, Mechelen.
  • Only available by reservation
  • Available from 12.00h (day of check-in) to 12.00h (day of check-out)

In your room you will find the key to open the gateway to the underground garage. There is a lock to the left of the gateway.

Drop the key in the letterbox with the oranje label you will find in garagabox 17.